White Sports Columnist Mad About Today's Vulgar Rap Music

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Washington Post columnist Mike Wise was in the Indiana Pacers' locker room before tonight's game against the Wizards, and he could not believe the music they listened to these days.


To double down on his "Old Man Yells At Cloud" stance, Wise linked to a column he wrote back in November, when Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin were the hot topic, and the Clippers' Matt Barnes had been fined by the NBA for using a racial slur. Here's an excerpt from his opinion on why the N-word shouldn't be used by anyone:

The N-word is filth; it's disrespectful, confusing and uplifts no one. I know of no other minority in the world co-opting a dehumanizing, racial slur used by its oppressor.

Yet I'm told, "You don't get it; you're white."

No. That doesn't work for me. I deserve a seat at this table. This is about the world my 3-year-old is going to live in.


When you have a child, that means you get to voice your opinion. It's one of the rules instituted by the Committee of White People Who Shoehorn Their Thoughts Into Conversations Regardless of Necessity.

Seriously, Mike, whenever they schedule one final debate to decide if that word is OK for black people to use, don't hold your breath for an invitation.