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I'm relatively new to the Hugh. I'm meeting Mr. Johnson for the first time today and hoping he'll be gentle. Clearly, Cal has not recovered from the loss of DeSean "Obama" Jackson and finds themselves trailing Maryland early. In the annual battle of teams that traditionally suck the most, Temple and Buffalo have traded touchdowns early. Signal2Noise is your best friend after the jump. ahp9: Cal is being relegated to division 3.The Pac10 lawyers are working on the documents right now Jelloman4: Rumor has it the National Weather Service wants to plug the eye of Ike with Mangino. S2nblog: Gameday sign: "I Love Caribou Barbie" with "My Foot Hurts" on the other side. I wasn't aware Beanie Wells was a Republican. Jhar008: On the Gameday broadcast for an Ohio State - USC game someone was waving a Washington state flag. This is the equivalent of someone showing a Holly Rowe poster prior to a battle between Erin Andrews and Rachel Nichols. S2nblog: It's raining in East Lansing and Howard Schnellenberger, even in rain gear, looks like he has a flask in his windbreaker and wants to kick your ass. 14-0, Maryland very early. Apparently Cal is the Seattle Seahawks of the Pac-10: send them east with an early start and they're guaranteed to suck. The patented Jeff Tedford Collapse appears to be ahead of schedule. Orion5417: During the USF-Kansas game last night, Rob Stone was pretty much a lost puppy... stick to the hambones and bowling buddy [Enrico: hambones!] Dexterfishmore: Question raised by watching Cal-Maryland: how is it possible that 3% of all starting tight ends in college football are named "Gronkowski"? Orion5417: I would like to give Dave Pasch and Andre Ware a gold star for the day for talking about the half back pass and endround without using the worst word in football : Trickeration JelloMan4: In light of the 'lipstick on a pig' controversy, Maybelline has just signed Pam Ward to a 7-figure deal. S2N: Mizzou scores twice in three minutes of clock. More proof that shotguns beat pistols every day of the week. [Enrico: I’ve got my first Deadspin hate mail! After only two posts! It reads: “Maybe you should look into interning on Mind of Mencia. Sports blogs seem to be a little bit of a stretch for your abilities at this point.”] Also, Dave Meggett's son plays for MD. image via flickr Thank you and goodnight!