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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Who Are The Best And Worst NFL Announcers?

Illustration for article titled Who Are The Best And Worst NFL Announcers?

Over at Sports on Earth, Aaron Gordon watched two NFL games called by each announcing crew in an attempt to quantify the best and worst broadcasters in the business. There were few surprises.


Gordon tallied six difference indicators of what most of us would consider uselessness, or just plain incompetence: Clichés, which fill time but add nothing; Factual errors, which can be disproven without looking them up; Nonsense, sort of a catch-all term for word salad or bizarre pronouncements; Self-references to non-football anecdotes; Plays taken off, or when a play-by-play guy fails to call the action; and off-topic references to things which have nothing to do with the game.

Above is the overall tally by network, but it's broken down by team and by specific announcers. Using these metrics, Chris Myers is the single worst play-by-play man working football today, while Joe Buck is the best. As for color commentators, the retiring Dan Dierdorf takes the crown as the worst, with Mike Mayock earning honors as the best.


The methodology is admittedly unscientific, but we can't really see much to argue with. Go read the article for full breakdowns—and the very surprising winner of best broadcast crew.

[Sports on Earth]

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