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Who Are The "Sluts" On The WTA Tour?

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Young tennis phenom Laura Robson has caused a small stir with a recent interview where she says that some of her fellow players are "sluts" who "go with every guy." Yeah, we're going to need some more information here.

Robson is a 16-year-old Brit-by-way-of-Australia, who won the Wimbledon junior title two years ago, so if she's talking about the other junior girls who are her own age then ... well, that changes things a little bit. (Feel free to ignore the rest of this post.) If she's talking about the older more established players, then I'm sure some of our readers would really like to know their names. Just for bookkeeping purposes.

However, we probably are talking about teenagers so "go with every guy" could mean a hundred different things. (Go for ice cream, perhaps?) The whole point of her comments to British Vogue, which appear in the upcoming July issue, was to make it perfectly clear to fans that Laura is not one of those Miley-esque hoochies that rides in the back seats of cars unchaperoned. She doesn't smoke, doesn't like "the taste" of alcohol (Ah ha! So you're saying you've tried it, drunky?) and is always in bed by 10 p.m. She also says the quotes were "taken out of context," which makes her P.R.-wise beyond her years. That's the baseline volley of a wily sports interview veteran.


Naturally, the helicopter parent that is the WTA is "investigating" the whole ordeal so they can appear concerned about the sexual habits of their female charges. (Ignore that eerie silence from the men/boys' tours even though, let's be honest, what other guys would they likely be "going" with?) Robson isn't in trouble though. She's just a nice girl who's a little too talkative:

"Yes, there are moments when you speak to your old friends, and they're all going out to parties every weekend, and I'm stuck in Paris boring my brains out."

Uh, I may not be up-to-date on my Aussie-British slang ... but that sounds absolutely filthy.

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