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Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Andre doesn't even think he's the best receiver named Johnson.

Andre Johnson joined 790 The Ticket on The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz to discuss how he doesn't consider himself to be the best wide receiver in football, crushing the Indianapolis Colts without Peyton Manning, his reluctance to comment on the mess going on at the University of Miami (his alma mater) stemming from Nevin Shapiro's association with the program, going against a Miami Dolphins secondary that allowed 517 yard passing to Tom Brady on Monday night, and having nothing to say about Cortland Finnegan (the CB he whooped up on during an in-game altercation last year).


Are you the best wide receiver in football?
"No. I'm not the best [laughs]. [Dan LeBatard: Come on who is better?] There's a lot of great guys out there man. I'm a fan of the game. You look at…I'm a big fan of Calvin. Calvin Johnson. Right now I would probably say he is the best. [Dan LeBatard: He's taller than you?] He's a pretty big guy. He's a very talented guy. He's my favorite guy from a fan perspective from the outside looking in."

Are you a top five wide receiver?
"I'm somewhere in there."

Did you enjoy crushing the Colts with Peyton Manning or do you prefer him being in that game?
"You would like to have Peyton Manning out there. The situation happened and we went out there and approached the game just as if he was out there. We went out there and got the W."

I'm going to play word association with you. I'm going to throw out a name and you tell me what you think about the person. Nevin Shapiro?
"I would rather not comment on that [while laughing]. [Dan LeBatard: That's not how you play the game! That's not a fun game!] I would just rather not comment on that man. It's just bad. You hate to see something like that especially at the ‘U.' You hate to see something like that going on. I just feel bad for the guys that had to suffer consequences due to that."

When you saw the coverage going on about what was happening at the University Miami you first thought was what?
"I kinda just thought a lot of times the NCAA do their investigations and things like that. I just think a lot of these boosters that they have around the school need to be investigated and find out what they are actually doing because you have guys that are around players at banquets and things like that and who knew all of that was going on. You know what I am saying? That's the thing that needs to happen. It would be a hard thing to do, but somehow they need to figure out a way to investigate the boosters and stuff like to find out what they have going on."


What did you really think when you saw Tom Brady throw for 517 yards against the Dolphins secondary when the Patriots don't have a receiver like Andre Johnson? Andre Johnson thought to himself what?
"I just thought that the Dolphins were having a tough time. You seeing the guys cramping up and things like that. I just thought they were having a rough time. You can't really go off what another team did. You can use that to game plan and things like that. It's different week-to-week. You have to come to play every week. You can't win the game on paper, so we are doing everything we can do to be ready on Sunday. We are going to try to go out and execute our offense and try to get the W."

Is Cortland Finnegan a top corner you do not want to face?
"I don't talk about that guy. [Dan LeBatard: Haha] [Stugotz: Now that's a guy you don't want to comment on!] [Dan LeBatard: That was an ass kicking you administered Andre] I guess so."


This post, written by Steven Cuce, appears courtesy of Sports Radio Interviews. For the complete highlights of the interview, as well as audio, click here.

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