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Who Is Being Told To Stick To Sports Today? (Hurricane Sandy Edition!)

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As Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, notable people with jobs in sports posted bits of news through their Twitter accounts to spread the word about flooding or other hurricane-related repercussions. Why the heck would they do that? Just keep talking about sports, idiots!

Name: Dave Dameshek

Occupation: NFL analyst,

Crime: Talking about global warming in relation to Hurricane Sandy

Complaint: @Dameshek Only 150+ years of recorded data and its called the worst storm ever?? Come on man! Stick to sports! -@AgustinInSF


Name: Adam Schefter

Occupation: NFL reporter, ESPN

Crime: Talking about flooding in Manhattan

Complaint: Stick to sports bruh. The Jets cutting Sanchez or nah? RT @AdamSchefter: Some cars on east side of Manhattan on 20th St. now under water -@BeenButtons

Name: Howard Eskin

Occupation: Sports radio host, WIP-AM

Crime: Announcing Hurricane Sandy's arrival in New Jersey

Complaint: @howardeskin stick to sports howard.sandys already a bitch, she doesnt need your smugness rubbing off on her too -@RBoyce23


Name: Nate Silver

Occupation: Political stats blogger, The New York Times

Crime: Wondering how long it will take to restore subway service in New York City


Complaint: @fivethirtyeight stick to politics and sports. -@llsethj

Name: Darren Dreger

Occupation: Sportscaster, TSN

Crime: Tweeting about mildly inclement weather in Ontario

Complaint: @DarrenDreger Stick to reporting to sports or they will send you back to the ‘Peg.-@MrBazookaJoe


Name: Peter Gammons

Occupation: Baseball reporter, MLB Network

Crime: Retweeting this Huffington Post story about Mitt Romney

Complaints: @HuffingtonPost @pgammo Please stick to sports… -@tfwn93

@pgammo - stick to sports and STOP trying to push your silly political agenda. -@ryansned66

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