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So a site called The Daily Redundancy claims to have crunched the data from several "top 10 hottest NFL cheerleader " polls and figured out — through the process of elimination — who the 10 homeliest cheerleaders are. They have listed them here, with photos. For the record, we find none of them homely and would have no problem showing up at a cabana party at Hef's place with any of these women. Or with Biff Henderson, for that matter.

The poll results clearly reveal that the cheerleading industry's dirty little secret regarding homely girls is standard policy in the NFL. "There's always one on every squad." said one of the survey winners, who spoke with us on the condition of anonymity and that we not come any closer. "Even in high school, we always had a plain girl, a chubby girl or maybe a pimply girl. We felt better letting them cheer with us."


The quote, of course, is fake. This photo of the Daily Redundancy's managing editor, however, is real.*

(* = Possibly not real).

Survey: Even The NFL Has Homely Cheerleaders [The Daily Redundancy]

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