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Who Is The Medal-Winning Olympian Turned Boozehound Law School Attendee?


We have your newest case here. It concerns a woman that won a medal at the 2008 Olympics. She's spent this summer boozing and shmoozing as a summer associate at Milbank Tweed. You must find her.

According to Above The Law, it appears a 1L was enjoying herself a little too much at a luncheon; she ordered a bottle of wine for herself, put it in her purse, and drank the rest back at the office. Turned out she won a medal in the Olympics.


The story spells out the details: she was from a prestigious school, "is not a tiny gymnast, who would get hammered off a thimble of Mike's Hard Lemonade. At over six feet tall, she's built more like Lisa Leslie than Lindsay Vonn." They said that she put the wine in a water bottle back at the office, even took it in to a partner's office for a meeting.

She was "very odd" and rumored to have worn "some sort of jumpsuit - possibly the "same Olympic outfit that she was rumored to have worn during OCI's [on-campus interviews]." She evidently didn't receive an offer to be an associate the next summer or got a "cold offer" which just means she's a free agent and can tell other firms that she has another offer so they should act fast.

Needless to say, a female Olympian was partying. We needed to find out who. Some possible suspects:


Sada Jacobson is a fencer. She won a bronze in 2004 and a silver in 2008 in the Individual Sabre event as well as a bronze in Beijing for team sabre. She went to Yale for her undergrad and started law school at the University of Michigan in the fall of 2008. That's what Wikipedia says. However, the Above The Law article refers to a 1L and if Jacobson started in 2008, she is likely to be considered a rising 3L. However, this isn't that much of a concern and so she's the number one suspect.


Lauren Wenger. She played "utility" for the silver medal winning women's water polo squad. She graduated from USC in 2006. She's 6'3" which would make her built like Lisa Leslie. Her favorite song is "Livin' On A Prayer" and cites "Don't Stop Believing" as her theme song. If you've ever been at a bar with law students, these songs will play. Now, this is the tricky part. We can't confirm if she's in law school. But she did major in "policy, planning and development" and if that's not an undergrad track to law school, I don't know what is.

Now, it is up to you, the I-Team, to figure out if it's one of these two women or whether this future litigator was some other medal winning American hero? Do what you do.


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