Who Is The Real Racist, According To The Internet?

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Everyone is in agreement: There are a whole lotta racists out there. What we can't seem to agree on, however, is who the real racists are. For help, we searched the internet, which had a few thoughts on the subject.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor: "Sotomayor is the real racist & still an idiot"


Black Lawmakers: "but who is the real racist? Paul Ryan tries 2 ease tensions with black lawmakers on poverty"

Stephen A. Smith: "Stephen A. Smith is the real racist here #FreeDonaldSterling"


Adam Silver: "Adam Silver is the real racist here! Banning a white man from owning an NBA team?! Jerk!"


Oprah: "Oprah sat on that raging lunatic's couch. She shamelessly promoted 0bama. She constantly plays the race card. Oprah is the real racist."

Eric Holder: "Who is the real racist? Eric Holder tries to reverse a Supreme Court ruling by the back door."


Jesse Jackson: "Jackson is the real racist. Jesse Jackson says the Tea Party is the "resurrection of the Confederacy'"

Jesse Jackson: "RT @lesliesrussell Once again Jesse Jackson proves that HE is the real racist! [link] // What a dork. JJ is ridiculous."


Bob Beckel: "Bob Beckel on Zimmerman: ...'A wannabe cop who didn't like black people'. Beckel, like many liberals, is the real racist here."

Liberals: "Who is the real racist? Tell everyone that someone else is won't make it so. #tcot"


Democrats: "Which is the Real Racist Party?: For a more accurate prespective:"

Liberals: "in fact, it seems to me that mr. bundy is rightly pointing out that it is the leftist that is the real racist, continuing to purpose and execute his statist brand of racism via institutionalization of gov't dependence targeted at various racial and ethnic groups."


The Left: "if someone says your racist you can use some ideas i made up here with the coop de grass of saying YOU IS THE REAL RACIST!! as the left hate white people" via the blog "Who Is The Real Racists?"

English Football Association: "When it's any other player, 3 match ban max. When it's Suarez, 8, 10 match bans. Who is the real racist here? English FA is a disgrace"


English Football Association: "The FA is the real racist because they didnt do anything to terry just because he his english"

Che Guevara: "So who is the real racist now? Cuba's Communist's like #CheGuevarra or #TeaPartyNow?"


Sean Hannity: "Leo Terrell to Hannity 'You Created a Monster' out of Ben Carson [link] So true. Hannity is the real racist."

People who don't like Herman Cain: "um guys. i support herman cain. so maybe it's YOU that is the real racist after all"


U.S. Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind.): "Rep Andre Carson said Tuesday that the Tea Party wants to see blacks 'hanging on a tree.' Who is the real racist..."

U.S. Sen. Harry Reid: "Harry Reid is the real racist [links] Time to retire him!"


Reid: "The Difference Between Lott and Reid. (or which one is the real racist?) [link]"

Reid: "Senator Harry Reid Is The Real Racist"

Al Sharpton: "And Sharpton is the real racist, too."

Sharpton: "his guy is the real racist. The Tawana Browley hoax he perpetrated is recent and the participants are still alive. He is still cashing in on his hate and racism."


U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.): "Congressman Thompson is the real racist here. Divides us by skin color for political gain."

The NBA (or maybe Magic Johnson): "Set-up? Magic Johnson front runner to buy Clippers if NBA owners force sale...who is the real racist here?"


Uh ... everyone besides white people ...?: Youtube video entitled "MOV03886 So Who Is The Real Racist?"

Ta-Nehisi Coates: "Ta-Nehisi Coates Is The Real Racist"

Israeli Apartheid Week participants: "Apartheid Is Awful, But Who Is the Real Racist?"


Arizona's government: "Arizona law banning Ethnic Studies: Arizona Gov't is the real racist."

Joan Walsh, editor-in-chief of Salon: "The real racist is Ms. Joan Walsh, with her race-based materialistic — or maternalistic attitude toward black people, who have, in her small, little mind, no responsibility for their own actions."


Former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown: "Sayeeda Warsi: Gordon Brown is the real racist"

Sol Campbell, retired English soccer player: "Sol Campbell is the real racist" (Facebook group)


Dani Alves: "Dani Alves is the real racist."

Harry Belafonte: "So friends...do you have a message for Belafonte? — Seems to me he, and others like him, are the real racists...not us!"


President Barack Obama: "Pat Buchanan is a genious. Try reading some of his books before bad mouthing him, you leftist scum. Obongo is the REAL racist"

Obama: Video entitled "Who is the real racist? Conclusion." (Spoiler: It's Obama.)


Obama: "The only one who isn't a racist in all of this is Ron Paul. Yet he gets attacked the most for it. That's when you know who the racists really are. The ones that the Marxo-Fascist MSM ignores regards to racism like Obama."

Nick Foley: Video entitled "Hey Konnan, Nick Foley is the Real Racist!"

James May from British TV show Top Gear: "This whole ordeal is just so stupid. Everyone who has watched Top Gear over the year knows that James May is the real racist on the show."


Dana White: Description of a video says "PM dana white is the real racist not mayweather and all opponents will lose dana white is the re."

Spike Lee: "He frequently embeds messages of black empowerment in his films, which as we all know is just a way for him to coordinate the impeding black revolution rebellion led by Farrakhan, Barack Obama and Ludacris. Spike Lee is the real racist filmmaker here, as his films contain more racism than any of Eastwood's."


TV's Judge Karen: "She is the real racist! Does anyone notice that Karen always let black people win? Most of the black just play those bullshit racist card and Karen buy it ALL THE TIME! She never listen to the fact or let white people finish their defense! I will never watch this show during her time! Kick her out of the judge and be responsible for people!"

Mexicans: "I am just so sick of of all of the illegals and pro-illegal crowd calling anyone and everyone who disagree with open borders or believes in the rule of law or who happens to be against any illegal no matter where they came from, being called and dubbed a racist an/or bigot when in fact the real racist happen to be Mexican and of Mexican descent. Let's be truthful here people and stop with the PC stuff."


Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad: "Mahathir is the real racist in the country. In fact, all parties in Barisan Nasional are racists."

New York State Sen. Ruben Diaz: "Who is the real racist, Senator Diaz?"

Lima (Ohio) City Councilman Tommy Pitts: "Tommy Pitts is the real racist"

The Congressional Black Caucus: "Calling White people 'racists' has always worked in the past, but as the members of the CBC will soon find out: 'that old dog don't hunt no more' and by their own words and actions, we now know who the real racists are!"


Billy Haisley: "@BillyHaisley is the real racist"

Illustration by Jim Cooke