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The one between Ric Flair and Hacksaw Jim Duggan—who is that dude? [Update: An answer.]

I recognized just about everyone else on this poster, save the angry blond in the bottom left, who wrestling expert and Kotaku proprietor Stephen Totilo informs me is someone named "Ken Anderson." But even Totilo is stumped about chest-tattoo dude.

I threw it open to the office and asked who the guy to the right of Flair is. "Wait, do you mean Flair's right, or..." Samer asked. I snapped back: "I know who Bret Hart is."

Do you know? Please tell me who that guy is, and whether he's earned the right to be called a "legend" of wrestling. Honestly, only three, maybe four guys on this poster deserve it. I shudder to think who will fill out the afternoon's roster of "over 30 wrestlers."

That said, wrestling has a history with the Mets' home stadium. Shea Stadium played host to three major cards by the WWF and its predecessor, including the first-ever WWF meeting between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant:

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