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Who Knew Attempted Intentional Fouls Could Be So Funny?

The Knicks attempted to come back late in the fourth against the Heat by intentionally fouling Hassan Whiteside, a 51 percent career free throw shooter. But Whiteside went 4-6 on free throws in the quarter, and the Knicks lost by 17.

Now that the context is out of the way, look at this funny-ass play! Kristaps Porzingis is tasked with intentionally fouling Whiteside, but either doesn’t know or forgets. Jose Calderon points out his responsibility, but Whiteside sprints away from Porzingis like it’s a playground game of tag. And while Calderon—a historically poor defender—is telling Porzingis what to do, Goran Dragic cuts by him and scores and easy layup.


It seems that even Young Lurch—who scored 20 points and snagged 14 rebounds—isn’t enough to prevent the Knicks from being the #LOLKnicks now and again.

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