Who Owns Team USA: Nike Wins The Olympic Gold Medal Count

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It's been 20 years since the Dream Team's Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Magic Johnson showed the world which loyalties truly matter at the Olympics, wrapping themselves in the American flag on the gold-medal podium to cover up the Reebok logo on their warmups. So here in 2012, the United States won the London Olympics—but who won the United States? Nike track shoes? Speedo swimsuits? Adidas leotards?


So we've divided up the gold medals collected by American athletes according to the brand-name gear they wore in competition. That's a total of 135 medals, since each member of a victorious basketball squad or swim-relay team can be a nation unto him- or herself, endorsement-wise. In honor of the Dream Team's philosophy, wherever possible we went with the individual shoe brand, rather than the brand of the mandated team uniform. Here's your final London 2012 medal table:

Nike: 48.5 gold medals.

The official podium outfitter of Team USA was also the big winner in competition. Most of the American basketball, track, and soccer players were sporting Nike gear. The half medal comes courtesy of swimmer Cullen Jones, who decided to pair a Speedo suit with a Nike cap.

Speedo: 28.5 gold medals.

Speedo comes in second thanks to the success of the American swimmers. Led by Michael Phelps, six members of the team won multiple gold medals, with 10 others coming away with one gold medal. Jones, as explained above, earns Speedo a half medal here.

Adidas: 16 gold medals.

Adidas got seven golds from the women's gymnastics team's Adidas-branded leotards. The other 11 medals came from various members of the track team, women's soccer team, and women's basketball team.


Turbo: 13 gold medals.

The women's water polo team won gold with each member of the team clad in a Turbo bathing suit. Nice job, Turbo!


Boathouse Sports: 9 gold medals.

Same story as the Turbo count, as the women's rowing eight was decked out in Boathouse Sports gear during the gold-medal race.


Under Armour: 3 gold medals.

Lauren Cheney, Heather Mitts, and Becky Sauerbrunn sported Under Armour cleats for the women's soccer team.


TYR: 3 gold medals.

Matt Grevers and Nick Thoman won three combined gold medals while swimming in TYR gear.


Arena: 3 gold medals.

Not only did American swimmers Rebecca Soni and Conor Dwyer choose Arena swimsuits over the more popular Speedo brand, but Soni wore a suit that was an entirely different color (magenta?) than the ones worn by her relay teammates.


Asics: 2 gold medals.

No, nobody won a medal wearing Asics Gels. But the company also makes wrestling singlets, which were worn by gold medalists Jordan Burroughs and Jake Varner.


K Swiss: 2 gold medals.

The mutant-twin Bryan brothers won gold in the mutant sport of doubles tennis while wearing K Swiss.


Mizuno: 2 gold medals.

Mizuno gets points for variety. Kayla Harrison won gold in Judo while wearing a judogi made by Mizuno, and swimmer Tyler McGill wore a Mizuno swimsuit when he helped the Americans win the 4x100 medley relay.


Saucony: 2 gold medals.

Tracksters Dee Dee Trotter and Lauryn Williams wore Saucony shoes during their Olympic races.


Li-Ning: 2 gold medals.

Li-Ning—also known as the Chinese brand endorsed by Shaquille O'Neal and Baron Davis—made the microscopic bathing suit that David Boudia wore when he won a gold medal in diving, and also the shoes worn by triple jumper Christian Taylor.


Skins: 1 gold medal.

American cyclist Kristin Armstrong won gold in a Skins-made biking singlet.

Oakley: 1 gold medal.

Kerri Walsh Jennings, half of America's dynamic women's beach volleyball team, wears an Oakley bathing suit as well as Oakley shades when she competes. (The other half, Misty May-Treanor, wears Nike.)


361 Degrees: 1 gold medal.

361 Degrees is the Chinese shoe company that has an exclusive endorsement deal with Kevin Love. So while every other member of the men's basketball team was flying around in his Nikes, Kevin Love was out there stomping around in his 361 Degrees sneaks. Kevin Love, everybody!


Reebok: 1 gold medal.

Remember when Reebok used to be a thing? Well, Aries Merritt sure seems to, as he won the gold in the 110m hurdles in a pair of Reebok running shoes.