Thanks for the plaque, Baseball Hall of Fame. But just for the record, Rickey isn't through yet. Anyone need a 50-year-old outfielder?

Even though he last played in the majors in 2003, and spent 2005 with the estimable San Diego Surf Dawgs, Rickey Henderson insists that he's ready to help a major league team. And can still steal bases. New York Post:

"I believe today, and people say I'm crazy, but if you gave me as many at-bats that you would give the runners out there today, I would out-steal every last one of them," Henderson said with typical bravado. Rickey got specific, noting, "I can go out and steal as many bases as [Jose] Reyes steals." Reyes stole 56 bases last year.

"I might have lost a step or two, but I learned a step or two in knowledge that I can pick a pitch and walk to second base," Henderson said. Satchel Paige pitched in the majors when he was 59. Rickey's just a kid.


Henderson isn't kidding, by the way. In 2007 Billy Beane offered him a roster spot with the Oakland Athletics for one game, so that he could officially retire with the A's. But he turned that down, saying "I don't want no one day. I want to play, man."

Fun Rickey Henderson facts:

• Also played for the Navojoa Mayos of the Mexican Pacific League in the winter of 1978-79.


• Was born in the back seat of a '57 Chevy on Christmas Day.

• Was named for singer Ricky Nelson.

Calls to Corky Simpson were not returned by press time.


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