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Who The Hell Was Supposed To Catch This Pass?

Rodions Kurucs, an intriguing prospect out of Latvia, earned his second career start for the Brooklyn Nets today. At one point in the third quarter, the 20-year-old rookie grabbed a board and headed up the fast break. Kurucs tore down the floor until he spotted a teammate wide-open in the left corner for three. The rest is history (if, by some very charitable definition, “Hawks-Nets in December” is included in history).

The most credible theory: the phantom Net was actually the referee, who can be seen ducking slightly to avoid Kurucs’s impromptu dodgeball. Honestly, the ref didn’t have to duck at all—that ball was at least 10 feet off the floor, and it landed no shallower than the fourth row. This play is what I cosmically deserve for tuning into this game.



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