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Who Will Speak Up For The Victims Of Flopping? Jeff Van Gundy Will

Jeff Van Gundy was mad enough when Mickael Pietrus stuck Mario Chalmers with a bogus technical foul down the stretch of last night's Celtics-Heat Game 5. But then, as he fumes about the damage a single unjustly awarded free throw could do in a close game, he accidentally sends his partner Mike Breen into his generic announcer-bot subroutine about the evils of drawing technical fouls. "You've gotta control your emotions—" Breen's mouth says.

That's it for Van Gundy, even as Breen tries to gabble a caveat about the flop: "But he DID! But he DID control his emotions! Pietrus TRICKED the referee, and should be FINED A MILLION DOLLARS TOMORROW FOR IT!!" All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for people to let Mike Breen keep on talking.


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