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Who Would Win A Fight Between A Bruin And A Gator?

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Perhaps there is something to the claims of those who say that all the early upsets in the NCAA Tournament has diminished interest in the late rounds; we're feeling a palpable lack of interest in tonight's national championship game between UCLA and Florida. Of course, that might be different if George Mason were still hanging around; it seems inevitable the Patriots will be all anyone remembers from this tournament anyway.

Which is why we need something crazy tonight. We need a Chris Webber brain fart moment. We need a bench-clearing brawl. We need quadruple overtime. We need a last-second shot from Joakim Noah from behind his head falling out of bounds at the half court line. We need something that will make Billy Packer choke on his own bile. It has been one of the most fun tournaments in memory, and it feels like we have to take it home now.


Of course, if nothing happens, if the game is as dull as the Final Four games were ... well, hey, baseball started today, "Bonds On Bonds" is on tomorrow and the NBA playoffs are starting soon. And if the game really stinks? Well, just imagine Jim Nantz weeping into his tie while watching "One Shining Moment." Because you know he totally is.

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