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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Who's Afraid Of Hope Solo's Nipple?

Hope Solo, BAMF and nascent sex symbol, shared an ebullient moment with Abby Wambach after yesterday's game. With the match's two heroes and an American flag, it's no wonder the image ended up splashed across the internet. A Reddit user noticed the photo on the front page of last night, and compared it with the original version, taken for and distributed by Getty Images. One thing's missing from the ESPN version: Solo's glasscutter.

Here are the two pictures for comparison's sake, or just use our handy animated gif. It's still visible, vaguely, in the version, if you really look closely. But whether they merely messed with the contrast, or went over it with Photoshop's clone tool (and our resident photo expert guesses the latter), they made an attempt at erasing it from history, like some perky Nikolai Yezhov.

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