Who's Got Next At The White House?

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Did you know Barack Obama plays basketball? I certainly didn't. Word on the street, though, is that he's all about playing a little pick-up ball every now and voting day.

Turns out, however, that since he's assumed the Oval Office, there hasn't been as much time to hoop it up. He swished some shots with the UConn women's team and plays when he can, but there is also a world to save.

He might get a few more runs in now that he's converting the outdoor tennis court into a basketball court, he told Brian Williams on Inside the Obama White House last night.

"We have commissioned new lines to be painted alongside the tennis court lines, and we're going to have some removable baskets so we're going to have an outdoor court on the tennis court. And I am confident I might be able to get in at least a weekly game. I've played a couple of times so far since I've been in office, and for an old guy, I'm hanging in there."