Who's Sorry Now? Hand Jive Edition

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Who's Sorry Now? is going away for a little while. All this remorse has been overwhelming, and we're sad to report that we began drinking again. So we'll be resting at a secure rehabilitation facility in a country setting in Northern California, and we may even get Robin Williams' old room. But first, a farewell apology from none other than Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick, who in this photo agrees with his fans that the Falcons are number one!

Actually, that's not it at all ... that's an obscene gesture. And by all accounts, Vick gave these fans a double-barrel salute. And hey, see those two guys in the middle, in the stands? Aren't they the same two guys who were heckling Kramer? Haven't they caused enough trouble? Anyway, once Vick was made aware that there are often cameras and other image recording devices at NFL games and that he was busted, he made the following official Statement of Regret after the game (a loss to the Saints):

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for my inappropriate actions with fans today. I was frustrated and upset at how the game was going for my team, and that frustration came out the wrong way. That's not what I'm about. That's not what the Atlanta Falcons are about. I can't explain how I'm feeling right now. I was just out there fighting for this team, for pride and for this organization. We have to keep fighting. We have to show some resolve.


And everyone dabbed away a tear, except for Greg Aiello, who fined Vick the equivalent of the gross national product of Finland ...

So, before we board the bus for our "vacation," anything anyone else wants to get off their chest?


(UPDATE: Vick Flipping Off photo removed at the request of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. You can find the photo right here.)