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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards, we salute you. Not only did you basically tell your fans to go #### themselves after they complained about the Chiefs' losing record, but then you were forced to sloppily apologize; essentially humbling yourself before fat guys who wear bags over their heads. All in all a glorious sequence for us here at Who's Sorry Now?

Coach Herm Edwards apologized to Kansas City Chiefs fans Tuesday for telling them to "get over it," and said he should have chosen his words more carefully in talking about their reaction to his team's long losing streak. On Tuesday, Edwards agreed the statement had angered many fans. "And probably the ways the fans took it, in my opinion, was probably wrong," he said. "So if it was misinterpreted, then I apologize. I tell players, `Pick your words,' and I didn't use the right choice of words, obviously. And that's my fault. That's on me."


We're just sorry that Kansas City Wolf — the only member of the organization who is still trying to win — had to witness this.

Elsewhere in unfortunate regret:

• "Sorry we decreased your TV ratings by 80 percent, Music City Bowl." — Bobby Bowden

• "Sorry my steroid use didn't make the Orioles any better." — Brian Roberts

• "Sorry for the promiscuity." — Jamie Lynn Spears

• "Sorry for the nudity." — Several people

• "Sorry for linking to this." — Who's Sorry Now?

Chiefs Coach Sorry For Telling Fans To 'Get Over It' [MSNBC]


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