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So far this has been quite the year for Josh Howard. Drag racing. Smokin' the reefer. And my favorite, disrespecting the National Anthem on YouTube. OK, who among is hasn't done all three? (I'm doing two of them right now). But for Howard, high-profile small forward for the Dallas Cubans, such transgressions are magnified twenty-fold. Think of the children! And so with training camp beginning this week I knew an apology was imminent, and Mr. Howard did not disappoint. He has decided to apologize for everything at once, and we present this impressive Uber Apology here:

“I’d like to say that I’m truly and really am sorry for everything that’s happened in the last five months,” Howard said in a statement before taking questions from reporters on the first day of Mavericks training camp. “This is not the way I carry myself, not how I want to be portrayed. I’m sorry to everybody I’ve offended. I’m upset with myself and the way I’ve acted.”


That is one gob-smacker of an apology, eh? Andrew Giuliani, the ball's in your court. Elsewhere in the magical, exotic world of regret: • Sorry if you haven't received your apology email. Every time I approach the end of the list I f*** up again. — Hochuli • Sorry we accidentally won. — North Carolina State women;s volleyball team • The Cubs start their playoff run Wednesday against the Los Angeles Dodgers. And guess what, Steve Bartman? We're ready to forgive. — Cubs fans • Sorry for all the thieving. — Bank robber • Sorry for all the yellow. — Pittsburgh Steelers • Sorry it only took one loss for us to become insufferable whiners again. — Patriots fans • Sorry I made you waste your $10.50. — Eagle Eye Mavs' Howard Apologizes For Last 5 Months [NBCSports]

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