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Who's Sorry Now? Pac-10 Football Edition

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This week on Who's Sorry Now? we're proud to present the rare Double Apology. USC football coach Pete Carroll dips his bucket into the Well of Regret not once, but twice for comments he made during the Trojans' win over Oregon on Saturday. The ODucks Blog is less than impressed, however:

Sorry my star quarterback and Heisman winner last year had his dad paying our star receiver's rent? He didn't know better? Nope, not sorry for that. Sorry his star running back and Heisman Trophy winner didn't know his parents shouldn't be getting a free home to live in courtesy of an agent? Nope, not sorry for that. Sorry he lost his temper and dropped f-bombs all over the Colisseum last Saturday? Facing directly at Bellotti when he did it? Yep, that's what he's apparently sorry for. Overall, I'd have to say in the world of coaches who act with dignity? Pete Carroll's one of the sorriest of them right now.


Well, on with the week's tearful remorse.

"Sorry I said our offense doesn't work. Didn't think anyone could hear me over the booing." — Raiders quarterback Andrew Walter

"Sorry for not staying retired the first time." — McRib

"Sorry for hitting your hand with my chin, coach." — Michael Prince

Sorry for not making enough Playstations — Sony


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