Why Are There So Many Posts About Hugh?

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Maryland is running all over the 23rd ranked Cal Bears. So far we've learned that Jim Henson is a former Terp and that Cal isn't very good. Be sure to send your brilliant observations to "The Hugh Johnson" via AIM. So a cal wide receiver just got knocked out basically and threw up his green Gatorade goodness all over the field ... the best part of this scene was the cal trainer spraying Gatorade on it and dusting it off. I'm pretty sure gatorade doesnt take vomit out of grass. –orion5417 Could someone tell Jahvid Best that the best way to avoid puking from a hangover is to drink more? –S2N This Florida Atlantic-Michigan State game is about who can fumble less. So OF COURSE Pam Ward's the announcer. –MythMan12 Ray Bentley is a homeless man's John Madden. –colbypkp678 Rece Davis just mentioned Dr. Lou. I think I'll go mainline some heroin now. –Pipkin4242 Is that a play sheet that Ralph Friedgen's looking at, or a delivery menu? –S2N Dear Hurricane Ike: Please continue north with all possible speed to Iowa City, that Iowa and Iowa State (tied at 3 heading into the fourth quarter) be prevented from continuing this game. -DexterFishmore The lovers, the dreamers, and Deadspin