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Why Did Geno Smith Get Punched In The Face? Here Are Some Guesses.

The reasoning for now-released Jets linebacker Ikemefuna Enemkpali breaking quarterback Geno Smith’s jaw hasn’t surfaced yet, so until then, let’s make some guesses. To start you off, here are some staff theories for why Smith got punched:

  • The two were arguing about whether George R.R. Martin had actually written any pages of the next A Song of Ice and Fire book.
  • Geno and I.K. were playing FIFA on the PS4, and Geno was busting that ass, and then I.K rage-quit, and then Geno said, “Ha, you’re a bitch, I.K.,” and then I.K. was like, “WHAM.”
  • A candy bar.
  • Geno farted on I.K., and I.K. didn’t like it, so he threw hands.
  • Geno said Batman could beat Spider-Man in a fight, but I.K. said Spider-Man would win.
  • The quality of Vince Vaughn’s performance in True Detective.
  • Uber regulations.
  • Geno said something about I.K.’s mama.
  • “I’m saying the studio butchered it with reshoots.” “Yeah man, but Josh Trank was reported to be extremely difficult on set, and who’s to say his original vision was any good to begin with.”

What do you think they were arguing about?

Photos: AP

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