Why Did New Mexico's Coach Punch His Assistant? Whatever

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New Mexico coach Mike Locksley is maybe going to be out of a job soon since he probably slugged his own assistant coach in the face. And all because the other guy had to go and get catty.

Supposedly, Locklsey and Lobo's receivers coach J.B. Gerald had been at odds ever since training camp, when Locksley dressed him down in front of players and the media during practice. Then after New Mexico got embarrassed by Air Force last month, Locksley let him have it again. Only Gerald refused to take it quietly and neither coach would back down.

According to a police report filed by Gerald, Locksley became angry and approached Gerald in an aggressive manner. Gerald told Locksley that not even his mother talks to him that way. Locksley, witnesses said, fired back that his mother wasn't paying Gerald $90,000 a year.

Then after all the harsh words, it was a simple "Whatever" from Gerald that brought Locksley back into the room after he had begun to leave.


Locksley told Fanhouse he was trying to leave the room where the argument was taking place, but that one little "whatever" sent him over the edge and charging back in to grab Gerald. (Although Locksley still claims that he didn't actually hit him. Whatever.) Somehow Gerald is the one on administrative leave, although that might benefit him in the long run. Add assault to the sexual harassment charges and an 0-4 record and Coach Locksley might not even survive his first year as a head coach. That would make me want to give someone a fat lip.

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