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Illustration for article titled Why Does This High School Basketball Team Photo Have An Uzi And A Tank In It?

We all love laughing at old team photos. There's the passé fashion and the awkward facial expressions, and some dude's dumb dog is always the "team mascot." The photo above is no exception. Look at those short shorts! The bad haircuts! The gigantic tank and semi-automatic weapon! What a bunch of dweebs—wait, what?


According to tipster "Arty In Buffalo," this picture was taken in 1988 and depicts the Federal Way High School basketball team from Federal Way, Wash., and it raises a lot of questions. Actually, it raises just two questions: 1) How the fuck does a high school basketball team get access to a tank and an Uzi?, and 2) Why the fuck would said high school basketball team want to include those two items in its team photo?

I put in a call to Federal Way High School to try and get some answers about the picture, but was unable to reach anyone. We may never know how this photo came to exist, but I do know that I'm now starting a Tumblr called "Awkward Team Photos on Top of Tanks." Please send me your submissions right away. I need a book deal.


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