After last night's loss to the Dodgers in Game 3 of the NLCS, a few Cardinals players expressed dismay at some of the exuberance that was displayed by a few Dodgers players. "Mickey Mouse stuff," one called it. We at Deadspin share the Cardinals' concern for the soul of baseball. We want to see the game played the right way, which is why we'd like to see the following behavior eradicated from the diamond.

Here's Michael Wacha showing up Juan Uribe after striking him out to escape a bases loaded jam in Game 2. Wacha's just 22, so we blame his veteran teammates for not getting in his ear and letting him know that such behavior is unacceptable:

Trevor Rosenthal wasn't shy about letting his emotions fly after ending Game 2 with a strikeout. Yet another example of a young kid who needs to learn how to conduct himself on the diamond:


Here's Matt Carpenter leading off Game 2 with a triple before letting everyone in the stadium know who The Man is. It's just the first inning, Matt. There's still a lot of hardball to be played:

Hey Carlos Martinez, two claps is plenty. That's something that his American teammates will hopefully be able to teach this young gun:


Has David Freese ever crossed home plate before? This isn't the NBA, buddy:

Carlos Beltran is one of the best postseason hitters in history. Too bad talent doesn't always come with an equal measure of class:


It just makes you sick, doesn't it?

If the plucky, swaggering Cardinals really want to learn how to act like professionals, they'd be wise to look across the diamond, at grizzled veterans like Michael Young and Mark Ellis. Young and Ellis may be too old and too far past their primes to send the Cards packing, but they'll hopefully be able to send them off with a lesson on how the game should be played.

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