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On Thursday, Erin Andrews filed a lawsuit in Davidson (Tenn.) County Circuit Court alleging negligence and invasion of privacy on the part of the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt, where she claims hotel staff gave Michael David Barrett her room number, allowing him to set up a hidden peephole camera. It's nearly identical to the suits filed in July of 2010 in courts in Tennessee and Illinois, but no longer names the Milwaukee Radisson or Blackwell Inn at Ohio State as defendants. So why re-file?

A problem with consolidating all the defendants under a single jurisdiction. Mary A. Parker, the attorney for Andrews, responds in an email:

The original case was non-suited to try to get all of the cases in the various states joined together under the jurisdiction of one court which has not been able to be resolved. Our year for re-filing was about to run, so we re-filed, but only against the entities that are clearly jurisdictional in TN. All original allegations against those entities are exactly the same.


Andrews will continue her cases against Radisson and the Blackwell Inn in the relevant jurisdictions. Here's the full text of her latest complaint:

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