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Why Is No One Talking About The Dominican Steroid Story?

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Double Play Depth brings up a question we've been wondering about ourselves: Why is no one making a big deal out of the New York Daily News' steroid scoop last week?


In case you missed the story — and you probably did — in late 2001, Canadian Border Service agents picked up an unmarked bag of steroids that was en route to the Cleveland Indians team hotel to see who claimed it. The guy who got it was Angel (Nao) Presinal, a fitness trainer and then-aide to slugger Juan Gonzalez. The border folks questioned both Presinal and Gonzalez, who played a little game of Not My Bag, No, and the bag was confiscated. Major League Baseball, suspicious of Presinal, banned Presinal from MLB clubhouses; whenever he was around athletes aftewards, security people informed MLB officials.

Presinal had remained a shady figure around baseball, until this March when he showed up as, of all things, strength and conditioning coach for the Dominican Republic's World Baseball Classic team. (He was also at the All-Star game in Detroit last year and continues to train several players, including Bartolo Colon.) And now it has been nailed down, by an MLB official report, that he accepted a huge bag of steroids while flying back from a Cleveland Indians game with one of baseball's top players at the time.


Yeah. We can see why it might be confusing that no one's talking about this.

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