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We so wanted this to be one of those stories about a wealthy athlete splurging on stupid stuff because he's a wealthy athlete who can splurge on stupid stuff. Alas, there's a real, practical reason why tennis star Novak Djokovic has bought up the annual supply of donkey cheese from a farm in his Serbian homeland: Djokovic is opening a chain of restaurants in Serbia, and he intends to supply them with as much of the super-expensive donkey cheese as he can.


A farm in the town of Zasavica is the only one in the world that milks donkeys for cheese. But you knew that. And at $500 per pound, the donkey cheese is said to be the world's most expensive cheese.

Here's more, from London's The Daily Telegraph:

Slobodan Simic, the manager at Zasavica, said the secret of the cheese's great taste was the fact that it was produced from milk taken from donkey's [sic] raised on one of Serbia's most famous wildlife and nature reserves.

The cheese, known as pule, is made only from donkeys and it takes 25 litres of fresh donkey milk to make a single kilogram.

The white, crumbly cheese has been described as similar to Spanish Manchego cheese, but with a deeper, richer taste.


Sounds like a real treat. I guess if you're ever in Serbia, be sure to try the ass cheese.

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