Much as it hurts me to my heart to say this as a Florida fan, Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is going to be one of the most fun college football players of 2013 and beyond. The glorious quotes that come out of his mouth are only part of why.

Today, at an FSU media availability, Winston, a redshirt freshman who sat behind EJ Manuel in 2012 and became a phenomenon with tremendous spring play, opined on rainy days, "Manziel disease," robot tight ends, cheese balls, and black church, and generally wooed everyone paying attention. (The "Manziel disease" bit was prompted by a question.)



Then he literally dropped the mic:

But Winston isn't just a funny dude (he wants to be a throat doctor), and he's equally entertaining outside the confines of the controlled media environment.

Oh, and he's pretty fucking good at sports, and at quasi-sports things. (Throwing a ball over a house, not baseball, is the quasi-sports thing here.)

Winston's first name is pronounced JAY-miss, so Famous Jameis is almost too obvious, but you're going to hear it a lot this fall, as FSU tramples another underwhelming schedule. Please remember to enjoy him, instead of ruining him.


Photo: Stacy Revere/Getty