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Why The Clippers Give The Worst Postgame Interviews

We learned last night that the Clippers have a bit: the last player back to the locker room after the final buzzer has to dance for the rest of the team. How did we learn it? The game’s two heroes, forced to remain on the court for interviews, took off sprinting first chance they could.

J.J. Redick hit a tying three with 19 seconds left in regulation, and Jamal Crawford’s three with 12 seconds left in overtime gave L.A. the 105-103 win over Detroit. And you know that immediately upon sinking their respective shots, each player was dreading the inevitable on-court interview.


Here’s Redick, itchily scanning to court to see if any teammates are left out there, before he cuts off mid-answer to break for the locker room.

Was it too late? No!

Jamal Crawford was doing his own interview, and just about a second in, you can see Redick bolt by in the background.


We know Redick beat Crawford. We don’t know if Crawford was last, but we can probably assume it—unless old-ass Paul Pierce wasn’t given his customary head start.

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