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Why We'd Sign With The Utah Jazz

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Last week, the New York Daily News uncovered a steroid ring that could end up affecting some of the biggest, most beloved names in our sport. Today, their rivals at the New York Post uncovered that baseball players cheat on their wives.

Mets catcher Paul Lo Duca becomes the 328,147th reason why, if we were an athlete, we would NEVER sign with a New York team, splashed all over the cover of the Post this morning after his wife accused him of adultery.

"She [Sonia] told him she would stick by him through everything except that - she couldn't tolerate adultery," said Sonia's mother, Consuelo Flores. "She thought she could trust him. She was just so distraught. She couldn't believe it."


Lo Duca's wife, the "Sonia" of the story, is a former Playboy model, a fact her mother learned while being interviewed by The New York Post. The sad thing is, Lo Duca didn't even sign in New York as a free agent; he was traded here. Somehow, we don't see the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel running this story.

Foul Bawl From Met Lo Duca's Sexy Wife [New York Post]

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