Benny the Bull, Isa the Iguana, Tico the Squirrel: Assorted talking animals.

Superbabies: Dora’s lying twin baby siblings who were introduced late in the series’s run for a cheap ratings boost. Because adding a baby to a series always adds new life to it!


Best Episode


Worst Episodes

“Meet Diego!” This is the one in which we are first introduced to Dora’s older cousin, Diego, in a blatant launch vehicle for the spinoff series Go Diego Go!, which is even worse than Dora. It’s like when Kate Walsh got an entire episode of Grey’s Anatomy as a de facto pilot episode of Private Practice. YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ’BOUT.



Dora was the first big bilingual children’s cartoon. For many English-speaking kids, it’s their first exposure to the Spanish language, which is nice. For many bilingual kids, it’s accessible, which is nice. I just wish it didn’t come in the guise of a screaming latchkey idiot child. I guarantee you there are angry rednecks out there who bristle every time Dora starts yelling in Spanish at their kids. THIS IS ’MERICA. SPEAK ’MERICAN, LITTLE SEN-YO-RITA.



LOUD. So loud. Dora addresses the viewer directly all the time, and I just want her to leave me the hell alone. I think it’s great that she’s proud of me for helping her get to the Jellybean Desert, but I don’t need that “WE DID IT” song humping my face for five minutes every week as my reward.


And Dora now exists in every possible medium: games, toys, school supplies, toothpaste, and so on. She’s omnipresent. Like God, if God were a loud pain in the ass. I can’t escape her. I turn on my CPU, and she’s demanding that I add more balloons to her train. Piss off, lady. Do your own homework for once.

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