Wild Nights In Salt Lake City

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Just Call Me Juice points out what we're all thinking but are afraid to admit: These NBA playoffs have been so much more entertaining than the NCAA Tournament. (Assuming, of course, you ignore the Eastern Conference.) Last night's wild overtime thriller, a mad hatter 127-117 Jazz win over the Warriors to go up 2-0 in the series.

Derek Fisher is the big story of the night; not only did he reveal the reason for his Game 1 absence to be emergency cancer surgery on his daughter, but he also was vital to the victory, thanks to Deron Williams' foul trouble and Dee Brown's terrifying neck injury. We would venture that it was one of the most exciting nights in Utah Jazz history; surely, Karl Malone never inspired anyone quite as much, except for maybe the marketing executives at Hardee's.


Golden State is now down 2-0, and the fans are concerned. But the way this whole postseason has gone, we think there are still many stories left in this series to be told.

(Getty Images photo)