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Will Black Players Refuse To Play For Rush Limbaugh's Rams?

From a purely political standpoint, letting Rush Limbaugh buy into your football team is already an iffy proposition, but there's a more practical football issue to consider as well. Will some top players refuse to work for him?

There's at least two who say they won't and that's, like, conclusive evidence, right? Giants defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka misses his old coordinator Steven Spagnuolo, but he recently told the New York Daily News that he would never play for his Rams if Limbaugh became a co-owner. Ditto Jets' linebacker Bart Scott who called him a "jerk" and an "ass." "I can't be bought," he added. Throw in Donovan McNabb and it's a bona fide trend!


Limbaugh, of course, makes it a regular habit of making racially charged comments on his show, particularly when it comes to sports. He has compared basketball players to violent gangs—because NBA violence isn't as polite and dignified as football's?—and giggled over songs like "Barack, The Magic Negro." So even if he managed to get approval to buy into the St. Louis franchise, many NFL players—who if you haven't noticed, are mostly black—might have a problem with that.

On the other hand, professional sports are filled with plenty of despicable owners who have had no problem signing players that might otherwise object to their personal beliefs. The funny thing about the world is that there are plenty of people who, unlike Bart Scott, can easily be bought.


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