Will Drinking 28 Non-Alcoholic Beers In An Hour Make Me Drunk?

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Back in April, competitive eater and world champion burper Tim "Eater X" Janus contacted us with an idea for "a very cool stunt that I'd like to have documented by a reputable news outlet."

That stunt? In Tim's own words:

I want to be the first person in the world to get legally drunk (.08) on O'Doul's (or any non-alcoholic beer for that matter). My back of the envelope calculations: I'd have to drink about 30 cans in one hour, which I can do, provided I dress warmly because that much cold beer will make me very very cold.

I'll bring a breathalyzer with me, blow into [it] at the beginning of the hour, and then when the hour is up, I'll hold up high one final can of beer, chug it, and blow into the breathalyzer to find out if history has been made. If it has, well, then we'll have a very exciting moment on our hands, a true occasion for celebration and perhaps another O'Douls! If it hasn't, no problem; at least I can drive home, and you'll still have a suspenseful video to time compress and play around with on your site.


And here at last—after weeks of preparation, a fruitless, crowdsourced EMT search, and an epic non-alcoholic beer run—is that video. Watch a guy drink just shy of 30 shitty beers and puke his guts out. Or, less coarsely: Watch a man try to make history.

(Note: It's pretty dangerous to drink this much of anything. Tim is a trained professional. You're not.)

Top image by Jim Cooke