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Will Hill Would Like Everyone To Know He "Does Not Go Harder Than A Russian," Shit In Airports, Etc.

Will Hill, the ex-Gator who's taking his boob-massaging talents to the NFL, went to the airwaves to deny authorship of his Twitter feed, which was lovingly annotated by Spencer Hall of EDSBS last week. Sadly, Hill claims he was hacked.

So for those who didn't read through Hill's incredibly candid updates from last year, please go to EDSBS for the full extravaganza. But here's my personal favorite because I'm still confused about its context, meaning, level of offense:


However, as SBB points out (without the aid of Flight Aware), Hill denies Tweeting any of these items and instead, claims that Spencer Hall is a "nobody" who is "trying to make a name for himself" by posting these absurdities:

But this blogger, whoever this guy is, copy and pasted some things that I never even wrote. Me, I'm thinking that somehow my thing (Twitter account) has been hacked. I'm thinking to myself this blogger, he's a nobody. Nobody knows who this guy is. He's trying to make a name for himself.


And that's cool and, yes, there is a possibility that Hill's account was hacked for what appears to be several months and he was only alerted to it until recently, but he's clearly unaware of just how much talent it takes to cram so much vivid detail into less than 140 characters.


Own that gift, sir. Even if it's not you.


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