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As we await with slightly baited air the decision from arbitrator Richard Bloch on Terrell Owens' suspension — Newsday is reporting that the suspension will be reduced — we admit we have mixed feelings on the case. On the one hand, yeah, the Eagles are totally justified in getting rid of him. By all accounts he was out of control — villains on Krypton were sent to the Phantom Zone for less.

On the other hand, we'd love to see Owens land with another team, preferably the Cowboys, owing to that whole posing on the Dallas Star thing a while back. And we have to admit that the thought of Owens feuding with Parcells makes us all warm and giddy inside.

But while we're waiting for the verdict, we give you this: a transcript from "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" from Nov. 8:

"The other big news, of course ... a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles was suspended from the team for last night's game in which the Eagles lost to the Washington Redskins and will no longer play for the Eagles for the rest of the year, because he is a dick. That's the reason. Very talented player. They decided to suspend him.

"Apparently he made crass remarks about the Eagles organization, about quarterback Donovan McNabb and got in a fistfight with one of his teammates. So they had a meeting and said, 'Gee, should we suspend this guy?' When is the last time you could go to work, call your boss a dick, say he's not doing a good job, punch out another employee and then sit back and go, 'I think I'll play tonight, yeah! That would be good.' The talented idiot."


How great would it be if that line was actually in writing on some official NFL document somewhere? "Owens has been suspended for the rest of the season because he is a dick."

Owens Suspension To Be Reduced?

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