Will The Shaq-Cuban Love Affair Live Forever?

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Shaquille O'Neal and Mark Cuban are Twitter buddies, which is a bond that cannot be broken. Since Shaq's current team is officially broken, will he go hang with his pal on the grassy knoll?

Dallas snagged the last playoff spot from Phoenix's hand last night, and it's the first time since his rookie year that Shaquille O'Neal will not be in the NBA Playoffs. (That was 16 years ago, believe it or not.) But even before the elimination became official, there was talk that Shaq was looking to fly the Suns coop and join his internet pal in Texas.


Why would he want to play for the Mavericks, and more specifically, Cuban? Well, there is the technological affinity. Their Twitter romance has been hot and heavy lately, especially during the Suns latest visit to Dallas. But the biggest draw might be O'Neal's love of presidential assassination sites. Shaq took an extra day off on Monday to visit Dealy Plaza and the grassy knoll that made Abraham Zapruder famous. Or was that really just a diversion for a clandestine meeting to illegally talk contracts with Cuban? It's a mystery wrapped inside inside a riddle wrapped inside a giant Twinkie.

In a way, these two goofball deserve each other. I'm sure they will be very happy together.


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