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They say it's important to live without regret. And one thing Young Bill Ligue does not regret is thrashing an old man on the field at Comiskey Park when he was 15. You just can't manufacture those kinds of memories.

Few moments in sports history were as truly stunning as the sight fans saw on September 19, 2002, when two shirtless buffoons charged onto the field during a Chicago-Kansas City game and began pummeling the Royals' 54-year-old first base coach Tom Gamboa. It turned out to be a father and son team—William Ligue Jr. and his loyal 15-year-old boy—who were hauled off, surly and unrepentant, into baseball history. And also jail.


Now surely a brush with the law at such a young age—plus the worldwide public embarrassment—would have scared the 15-year-old youngster straight. Surely he wouldn't want to end up like his troubled, drug-addled father? Then again ....


The boy—who I assume is William The III—is now 22 and looking at his MySpace (or course) page it doesn't take long to see that starting a brawl at a baseball game is the crowing achievement of his short life. (After "anticipatin" the birth of his "shorty.") One of the pictures in his album is a screen shot of the incident with the caption: "ME AND DAD FUCKIN UP THA COACH FA THA KANSAS CITY ROYALS." Charming.

The rest sort of speaks for itself, but it's always amusing to see white boys make liberal use the word "nigga" as they rap about all the cash money they don't actually possess. Oh, did I mention he has his own "record label." I'm not sure I've heard any of these tracks on BET, but they show a lot of promise. If only there was more "green" to be made in hooliganism.


Oh, in case you're wondering ... Dad and the White Sox are still in the picture, although his bling suggests a certain confusion about the makeup of the AL Central. Still, it warms the heart to think that someday soon three generations of tattooed goons can go to the ballpark together and mug a third-base coach.


ITS JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS - 22 - Male - Chi Town, Illinois [MySpace]

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