Willie Colon: "Nothing Got Done" At NFL Players-Owners Meeting On Social Change

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Following a four-hour meeting today between NFL players and owners on the subject of inequality and social change, the NFL and NFLPA put out a joint statement characterizing their talks as “productive.” However, according to Willie Colon, the former NFL lineman who’s now an analyst for SNY, “nothing got done.”

Beyond that simple declaration are some truly strange details, including the fact that Roger Goodell was allegedly reading the paper while in the meeting. In all, Colon’s sources painted a picture of owners who were unwilling to engage and simply wanted the league’s protests on racial inequality to go away.


“When they brought up the topic of Colin Kaepernick,” said Colon, “I was told, it went straight to a bathroom break, and it wasn’t even talked about.”

According to one of Albert Breer’s league sources, the meeting “represented unprecedented dialogue with the players.” Any concrete ideas or changes from the meeting, however, remain unclear.