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Willie Randolph Still Employed, But Watch This Space For Further Developments

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New Yorkers keen on saving the environment can dig up all of that old Fire Isiah signage, and with a few quick edits, can make fun, functional Fire Willie signs. It's the least you can do to help save the planet. Only moments after top brass announced that he will not be fired (at least not this minute), Willie Randolph watched as his Mets charged out and suffered a somewhat inept loss to the Marlins, 7-3. And so it goes. Hey, I hear that Gary Carter is available.

Luis Gonzalez's three-run double helped first-place Florida move to 30-20; the first time they have been 10 games over .500 since September 2005. Coincidentally, after Mike Pelfrey (2-6) lasted only four innings and dropped his sixth straight start, the Mets are 23-26; the first time they have dropped three games below .500 since September of 2005. Jose Reyes had two homers for the Mets, but also made an error at shortstop in the first that led to two unearned runs. The Mets have lost seven of eight and 10 of 14 overall.

A New York Daiy News poll, "Are you happy that Willie Randolph is still the Mets' manager?," is running 72 percent against him. But hey, unlike the majority of baseball fans in south Florida, at least they care.


Meanwhile, In The Comments Section. Mets fans are getting restless, and somewhat more creative. Found in the Minor Enterprise comments: The Mets promote 'Bad Baserunning Night' at every home game. This great promotion is brought to you by many of the players, including Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran and even David Wright. See professional baseball players that are well-compensated forget all of the fundamentals taught back in Little League, such as: make sure the line drive goes through; never make the first or third out of an inning at third base; and don't attempt to steal a base when you are down by four or more runs. Fans young and old will treasure this promotion and have 81 opportunities to take advantage of it. To add to the festivities, even manager Willie Randolph gets into the fray. His post-game press conferences will be filled with such inspiring remarks such as: "I've seen it all before," "I'm not concerned yet," and "Last year was last year." Yes, fans. The underachieving group of players that you know and love will thrill you inning after inning with uninspired play that is a direct representation of their fearless leader. A clubhouse divided will give you an entire summer of excitement, and give you ample time to enjoy the NFL once the fall rolls around. — NYSportScene

Phillies 20, Rockies 5. I had two choices last night; finishing the second half of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, or reading the scoring summary of Monday's Phillies-Rockies game. I did the former, because I figured I didn't have enough time for the latter. Instead I perused the box score, which was fun. Especially telling was the Nos. 6 and 7 spots in the Phils' order who got seven hits and eight RBI between them.

Ranger Danger. The AL East is still safely in the hands of the Rays (who among you are rooting for a Rays-Cubs World Series, just to watch Piniella?), as Tampa Bay beat Texas 7-3 on Monday. Scott Kazmir won his fourth straight start, striking out 10 over seven innings. Eric Hinske had a three-run homer for the Rays, who have won 16 of their past 17 home games and at 31-20 have the best record in the majors. From AP: Tampa Bay is just the second team — joining the 1903 New York Giants — to have the best mark on Memorial Day after finishing with the worst record in the big leagues the previous season (66-96).

A Brandon Ship! And Brandon Webb (9-2) continues on his pace to lose nine straight after beginning the season 9-0, giving up up 10 hits in a 7-3 loss to the Braves. Mark Teixeira had four RBI.


Wizard Cat Defensive Player Of The Day. Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle Mariners. This great basket catch to rob Jason Varitek of extra bases in the fifth is made even greater by Suzuki reaching up to make sure his hat didn't fall off. A fine way to start off our week. Wizard Cat gives this catch: Six wands.

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