Willie Roaf Opts For Retirement

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If you're an undergrad sociology student at UC-Irvine, you're about to get a big-ass classmate. Chiefs tackle Willie Roaf announced his retirement yesterday, as well as his intentions of going back to school to get the sociology degree he didn't finish at Louisiana Tech.

I've always felt that "Roaf" was a damn near perfect name for an offensive lineman. It's like a more athletic version of "oaf," which is apt for the position. I can't say I'm going to miss him that much, though. In his entire time as a Chief, I'm not sure that he ever gave up a sack to a San Diego Charger, so I sort of hope that he gets a D in sociology and has to sit next to a hippie kid who doesn't shower.


Few 11-time Pro Bowlers could retire with such little fanfare, but such is the life of an offensive lineman. He spent a career protecting guys like Jim Everett and Elvis Grbac, he deserves a post on Deadspin. And probably a spot in the Hall of Fame, too.

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