Wisconsin Would Prefer Its Student Season-Ticket Holders Knock It Off With The Vulgar Chants

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In a letter addressed to all "UW Student Season Ticket Holders," University of Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez and Head Football Coach Bret Bielema were sure to point out that "singing 'Buttercup' and 'Sweet Caroline' [during the Nebraska game] was fantastic." Which it surely was.

But in this context, it was a total correspondence bait-and-switch, for Barry and Bret are not very happy with some student fans after all.

We are asking you to end the vulgar chants at our home football games. We'd like to share some of the correspondence we receive throughout the football season from not only visiting fans, but your fellow Badger fans as well:

"This past Saturday, my son and I attended our first Badger game at Camp Randall. All in all, it was great fun; however, one thing surprised and disturbed me. During the course of the game, the student body was led in a very obscene cheer consisting of echoing "Eat s—-" and "F——you". I was pretty appalled considering that not all the spectators were 18 years or older. It was not the sort of thing children should be hearing."

... There are many more. We think you are more creative than this. We believe you want to represent yourselves, your university and the football program in a classier manner than this. We believe you can have a great time at Camp Randall without chanting four-letter words.


Sure you can.

Dear UW Student Season Ticket Holders [UWBadgers] (H/T BJ)