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From the NFL Wives Yahoo Group, in response to the query (not from us, we swear) "Ladies please name any and every athlete whether NFL, NBA
or NCAA that is Bi Sexual or just plain GAY!!!."

Ricky Williams (Miami Dolphins) is Bi, something that was well known here in Austin when he attended. He does love the ladies however he's not one to pass on a stiff one. He kept company with a couple of strippers that worked at the Yellow Rose and they have some interesteing stories with regards to some of Mr. Williams fetishes. He likes toys such asbutt plugs and anal beads anything regarding anal stimulation and such as that. When former teammates like James Brown (a former UT quarterback) are asked about Ricky they always give a little knowing chuckle and just respond with "He's a wierd character."


For the record, this is hardly the first time there have been such whispers. So that's why Mike Wallace kept hanging around.

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