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Witness The Raw Might Of Tony Gwynn

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We make no claims to physical supremacy, or aptitude, or even the ability to walk 40 feet without heaving. But surely, new Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn isn't this weak.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Gwynn, as recently as 12 weeks ago, could only bench press 40 pounds.

Before his induction into the Hall of Fame on Sunday, Gwynn publicly signed up to try to shape up, consenting to have his progress documented in the Wheaties "Fit to Win Challenge." Over a 12-week period, Gwynn lost 19 pounds, along with a total of 17.25 inches off his waist, arms and chest. Other statistics released by a spokeswoman for Wheaties: Gwynn reduced his body-fat percentage by 9.8%, increased his bench press from 40 pounds to 200 pounds and went from five push-ups to 25. His flexibility rating went from poor to above average, and his cardiovascular efficiency improved dramatically.


This man was a professional athlete, and apparently he couldn't bench press the bar. This is what happens when you don't do steroids, people.

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