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Wizards Tickets Less Valuable Than A Pot Of Coffee

The NBA has an exciting new promotion where fans can earn two free tickets to a Washington home game simply by drinking five cups of Dunkin Donuts coffee. Or save up for a sixth cup....and get another cup of coffee!

Here's an email we got from reader Eric. S:

I was at the Dunkin Donuts outside Verizon this morning getting my daily coffee. When I checked out, they handed me a coupon: "Drink 5 hot beverages, get two tickets to a Wizards Game". That's right, 5 coffees at Dunkin Donuts will net you TWO free tickets to a Wizards game. So two tickets to a Wizards game is now worth about $10. Compare this to their other promotion where you buy SIX coffees you get a free coffee, it's cheaper to get two Wizards tickets than it is to get free coffee. Truly amazing.


Hmmm. Tough choice. That seventh (FREE!) cup of coffee sounds pretty good, but consider this. If you cash in the ducats, go to the game and Biggie Bagel wins the scoreboard race, your ticket stub could be good for ANOTHER cup of free delicious coffee. Suckers! Look who just saved $1.75 and enjoyed a semi-professional basketball game! Plus all that sweet, sweet coffee.

Man, I've got a headache. I could use some caffeine.

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