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Woman Alleges Cristiano Ronaldo Threatened to Have Her Body "Cut Up" And "Thrown In A River" [Update]

Photo: Gabriele Maltinti (Getty Images)

Last September, Kathryn Mayorga revealed publicly that she was the woman who had accused soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo of rape in 2010, leading to an out-of-court settlement that was first reported by German newspaper Der Spiegel in 2017. Mayorga cast aside her anonymity in September to recount her full story to Der Spiegel, along with her intention to get the 2010 settlement voided on the grounds that it was never legally binding. Among other reasons, Mayorga told Der Spiegel that she wanted to go public because she wanted to shed light on Ronaldo’s alleged actions in order to find out if he had done something similar to anyone else.

On Tuesday, another woman went public with accusations of abusive behavior by the Juventus striker. Jasmine Lennard, an English model and actress, took to her Twitter account to share her experience with the Portuguese player.

Lennard said that she was motivated to share her experience with Ronaldo after watching the Surviving R. Kelly documentary that aired over the weekend. She also publicly declared her intention to help Mayorga and her legal team in the case against Ronaldo:


Lennard—who is a model as well as a reality television regular, appearing in shows like Make Me a Supermodel and Celebrity Big Brother—stated that she has years of messages that would back up her claims that Ronaldo was abusive and that he was unrepentant about his behavior, both with her and with other women:


Lennard does not give details about when the relationship with Ronaldo occurred, nor does she specify what type of relationship the pair had. However, in 2010, she wrote a “tell-all” account of her time with Ronaldo for the Mirror, in which she says that the pair had a fling during the time when the then-Manchester United star was seeing supermodel Irina Shayk.


In another tweet on Tuesday, Lennard also alleged that she and her family have been threatened by the soccer star’s team, and that there is a file of information on her compiled by detectives hired by Ronaldo:


According to an October Der Spiegel report in the aftermath of Mayorga’s recounting in September, Ronaldo allegedly employs a team of fixers to deal with PR messes, including at least one private detective.

Perhaps the most shocking of Lennard’s claims is that Ronaldo told her that, if she were to date anyone else or even leave her house, he would have her “kidnapped and have [her] body cut up and put in a big and thrown into a river.”


Lennard reiterated that she has proof of these threats, along with voice recordings to back up her allegations:


Several hours later, Lennard ended her Twitter messages by stating that she’s been in touch with Mayorga’s team, presumably since starting the tweets earlier that day, and that she will look to share her evidence with them:


Update (1/10, 9:37 a.m. ET ):

Late on Wednesday, Jasmine Lennard posted voice recordings she alleged were from Ronaldo, disparaging women and gay people, among other subjects. She has since disabled her Twitter account.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s legal team provided a statement about Lennard’s allegations to, saying:

Mr. Ronaldo has no specific recollection of meeting Ms. Lennard 10 years ago or at any point. He has not had a relationship with her and he has not had any contact with her, whether in the last 18 months as Ms. Lennard suggests, or otherwise. The voice notes posted by Ms. Lennard on social media are not of Mr. Ronaldo. Mr. Ronaldo will take appropriate legal action in due course.

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