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Woman Punched By Joe Mixon Says Argument Was Incited By Mixon Using A Gay Slur

A few months before Joe Mixon will likely be selected in the NFL Draft, Norman (Ok.) police released video of an interview that Amelia Molitor gave in July 2014. Molitor was punched in the face by Mixon that summer, and even though Mixon was done being formally disciplined for the punch after the 2015 season, it remained relevant for years as the status of security camera footage of the punch was up in the air. An appeals court ruled in February 2016 that the video should be made public, but it didn’t surface until a Friday afternoon in late December.

Molitor has spoken about the incident occasionally in the past and she sued Mixon in U.S. District Court last July, but this interview is the most extensive account of the event yet. The full interview runs almost an hour, and in it, she says that the confrontation with Mixon escalated after he insulted her friend. She says that Mixon harassed and propositioned her (transcription via ESPN):

“They were like making catcalls at me, commenting on how I looked,” she said. “They were talking about Joe, I suppose — I didn’t know who he was — like, ‘It’s my boy’s birthday, like, what are you going to do for him?’ Suggesting I go home with him, making very specific suggestions about what I could do to pleasure him.’


When she refused, he supposedly said, “Oh, so you’d rather go home with that fucking faggot?” She also denied that she called Mixon a racial slur, an assesment with which Norman PD Detective David Freudiger agreed. Mixon’s lawyer denied that his client ever harassed Molitor.


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